Request a journey by telephone

Once you're a registered user, you can request a journey by telephone.

When can I book my trip?

Trips are booked 24 hours in advance of your requested day of travel. The table below shows when to book your trip:

To travel on Book your trip on
Monday Saturday
Tuesday Monday
Wednesday Tuesday
Thursday Wednesday
Friday Thursday
Saturday Friday
Sunday Friday

Different booking days will apply over Christmas, Easter and other Bank Holidays - details will be available onboard vehicles and also online.

How do I book my trip?

Two dedicated Customer Services Centres deal with bookings across the West Midlands.

The telephone number you call depends on the area you live in - see the table below.

Lines are open Monday to Saturday between 10:30am and 2:30pm. Between 9:30am and 10:30am lines are dedicated to shopping trips and clubs.

You can also book your trip by e-mail. If you are using this facility, please allow four days prior to the travel date for your request to be processed.

Your local depot Telephone booking E-mail booking
Coventry 0333 006 6024
Birmingham East 0333 006 6004
Birmingham North 0333 006 6005
Birmingham South 0333 006 6023
Dudley 0333 006 6026
Sandwell 0333 006 6027
Walsall 0333 006 6028
Wolverhampton 0333 006 6029

Lines are very busy when they first open and tend to quieten down from around 12pm onwards.

Advance bookings

You can make six advance bookings every year for important appointments and social events. To make an advance booking, please call your Customer Service Centre.

Please note that calls may be recorded for training purposes